Undiscovered and under appreciated, put BG on your to visit list
  1. NODDING Bulgarians nod for yes and no opposite to the way the rest of the world does.
  2. HISTORY+ Bulgaria has very rich history and is one of the oldest countries in Europe. Bulgarians are very proud of their country and will tell you that yogurt, "Greek" salad, the Cyrillic alphabet, the first computer, the pill, Alexander the Great and Macedonia (and other things) are all Bulgarian or created by a Bulgarian
  3. MANNERs, FOOD related. Similar to what you may have seen in My Big Fat Greek wedding movie, "you eat no meat! I'll cook you some lam", pretty much explains the culture. You must eat. When offered food Bulgarians say "no" about three times out of politeness, then accept. Try saying no to their food, you will fail. BG food is delicious btw.
  4. MUSIC. Chalga is a genre born in the 90s and now dominates Bulgarian establishments and culture. It's very simple in melody and lyrics, combine dicso, folk and scarcely dressed singers with fake everything - boom! Chalga!
  5. ALCOHOL. Rakia is the most popular and most widely consumed drink in Bulgaria. It's always consumed with salad (to begin with), you must sip it and go easy, foreigners are rarely able to handle this drink well.
  6. DRIVING. On the highway move over and stay in the right lane or they will flash lights, beep and sit on your tail until you do. Very aggressive drivers.
  7. NATURE. Bulgaria has it all and it's all within 3/4 hours driving. Although BG mountains, valleys, rivers and the sea aren't on their own unique, it is rare to find such diversity in such small geographical area.