Hint hint Li.st, need deeper content
  1. Facebook
    All my friends are there. I learn a lot on FB
  2. LinkedIN
    All my co-workers and business associates are there. I learn a lot on LNKD
  3. Twitter
    News and fast. I learn so much here it's amazing
  4. Instagram
    It's beautiful and fun and yes, I learn new things here too
  5. Snapchat
    Just being on Snapchat and trying to use it is a learning experience
  6. Li.st
    I'm trying really hard because I like the idea and the app is well built but the content is sub par. I learn little here and I wish there were more quality posts. Teach me something Li.st, so I can stay!
  7. Tumbl
    I don't know why I have it on my phone