1. the girl with the boring voice
  2. the student athletes who tend to agree with each other
  3. the boys from a frat, the joining of which they have made abundantly clear was the best decision of their lives
  4. the girl who watches grey's anatomy during the ten minutes before class starts
  5. the boy behind me who i have borrowed a pencil from twice, only to turn around at the end of the class to find he has left already
  6. the girl who self-identified as a Redditor today
  7. the kid who i interned with this summer
  8. the people taking the easy A class far too seriously
  9. the boy with the stutter
  10. the guy with the eyebrow piercing who sits to my right
  11. the guy who sits to my left, who my teacher always confuses with me even though we have no notable similarities
  12. the guy in two of my classes who is definitely a republican
  13. my project partner who has a lot of poignant things to say. i can't wait to work with him
  14. the two guys in my group for another class, only one at a time is ever present
  15. the two people who sit ahead of me who i can't tell if they're flirting or dating
  16. the guy who asks a LOT of questions