1. immediately assumes that anyone talking to anyone that is not me definitely hates me
  2. immediately assumed that any friend talking to any other friend likes them more than they like me
  3. immediately assumes that when someone - ANYONE - expresses an opinion that isn't my own, however subjective or personal, it means my opinion is wrong
  4. plays back my most recent perceived failure every time i close my eyes
  5. switches from amazing mood to terrible mood within seconds
  6. stopping halfway thru a thing i was really motivated to do because i saw someone do it slightly better
  7. can't hear differing opinions without a sinking feeling that i've watched this movie/read this book/analyzed this situation all wrong
  8. feels personally offended and hurt when someone insults my favourite characters
  9. constantly comparing myself to everyone around me
  10. sensitive to every tiny shift in tone in text conversations while remaining unable to identify the tone which means i'm just always anxious and confused
  11. never talks about problems because i know everyone around me has it worse than me
  12. counteracts every thought with an equal measure of self-loathing