honestly? sir fire ur agent and hire me instead and i will make sure all your roles involve kittens and happiness. (this list is a work in progress)
  1. the hunger games: mockingjay pt2
    listen. listen. finnick odair deserved so much more. he really did. he is such a GOOD CHARACTER and he deserved MORE THAN A 2 SECOND DEATH
  2. united (2011)
    there's just something about sam claf that is endlessly endearing and i have to remind myself every damn movie that he's probably going to die. this one was particularly awful because of the tragedy itself - the fact that it really happened - and the flat denial of everyone around ;__;
  3. mary and martha
  4. the hunger games: mockingjay pt1
    post traumatic stress finnick + the 'i sold my body for secrets' storyline.
  5. my cousin rachel
    every second of this novel is seeped in tragedy and i have never been more excited to watch a movie
  6. journey's end
    this hasn't released and i haven't read it but it's ww2 and his character is described as being 'mentally deteriorating' so
  7. me before you
    i'm not gonna talk about this movie but it is a tragedy in every sense of the word lmao
  8. their finest hour and a half (which has been renamed something else i think)
    no spoilers but i really should've seen it coming
  9. the riot club
    he doesn't die in fact he's pretty damn happy at the end of the movie but he's also an asshole so
  10. the hunger games: catching fire
    the happiest we see finnick in three movies! such excellent casting honestly. but can anything in the hunger games ever be considered a happy role
  11. the quiet ones
    sam claflin, unfortunately, was not the final girl (but he doesn't DIE... sort of...)
  12. love, rosie
    a sam claflin that is upset for 90% of a movie is not what i asked for when i said 'happy roles'
  13. snow white and the huntsman
    there's that one scene where he morphs into charlize theron and it haunts me at night
  14. the lost future
    i don't even remember how this ends but im sure it was terrible
  15. pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides
    eh there are worse ways to go than kissing a pretty mermaid and getting dragged to the depths of the ocean ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  16. the huntsman: winter's war
    this is the happiest role sam claflin has ever been in and do you know how much screentime he has? TWO MINUTES. i'm almost convinced he only did it because he was contractually obligated to bc of swath.