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make any suggestions please.
  1. 1. John Krasinski
    This american born bastard specializes in on the job hits. The sicko likes to kill with office supplies, 57 confirmed deaths where the vics. were done in by a stapler.
  2. 2. Linda Hunt
    This little feme fatale has a tendency to rush the opposition in an onslaught of weaponry.
  3. 3. The Sprouse Brothers
    These identical bastards play tricks on their targets by attacking after the other confusing the victim as to wear the assailant is coming from next.
all these dudes are rad and i'm sure theres so may more that fluctuate in and out of my top 5 these are in no specific order. gonna add more please suggest some!
  1. Mark Gonzales
    the gonz father.
  2. Guy Mariano
    LA native and biggest come back story of all time.
  3. Jonn Cardiel
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  1. this one calms me down.
  2. cuppy the smoker.
  3. my little penguin.
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  1. 1. when someone finds out i'm an emcee and ask me to start rappin
    foreals tho i hate that shit, to me writing and freestyling is something sacred to me. when you command me to do something i aint gonna want to do it! thats you not respecting my art. if you my homie ima put you in game but dont be coming at me trynna expose me.
  2. 2. when people spend money on food you can make at home
    i work at a "mexican resteraunt" and it kills me when people be ordering bean & cheese burritos. like are you foreal? you cant make that at home, you gotta come and bugg my ass for one. its literally so simple and so light on your pockets.
  3. 3. when people get mad cus i don't speak spanish
    seriously don't come at me with that bs. i shouldn't feel ashamed cus my ancestors didn't speak spanish either they spoke native tongues to there communities. español was forced upon them. and through the years those ancient languages are forgotten.
ever here a line in a song that just gives you goose bumps? not in a scarry way but where it just strikes something inside and it just creates a physicalreaction. here are some of my favorites. will probably add more eventually
  1. 1.
    "So one day I asked her how she deals with it. She said she doesn't, she let's God, so she can fly"
    Exile- "Fly (song of liberation)" feat. blu. this song has three verses and the first veerse paints the picture of how a young girl who has been hit with many struggles and at the end he asks how she deals with it. every single time i tear up.
  2. 2.
    " Motel, money, murder, madness Let's change the mood from glad to sadness"
    The Doors- "L.A. Woman" oh man this line right here gets my engine revving you know what i mean?! when i'm driving and this song comes across the tape deck, boy you better get out of my way cus i have to, absolutely have to drive fast!
  3. 3.
    "Freedom or jail, clip's inserted, a baby's being born. Same time a man is murdered, the beginning and end"
    Nas- "Nas is like" i mean come on son, i used to think that all the time, my tia used to tell me all the time that millions die everyday and millions are born everyday. real deep thinkers.
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i usually rarley get what i want on my birthday and i'm usually nice about it but fuck that homeboy not this year!
  1. 1. Polar Bear fur coat
    this shit is hard to come by.... if you's a bitch! better hit that north pole and hit up the homies in the igloos and get to hunting g!
  2. 2. Shark Fin Soup
    holler at yur nearest triad smuggler and get that v rare shark fin and cook yuh boy up a bowl of that jaws feel meh!
  3. 3. Arc of the Covenant
    really would like this piece as more of a decorational item for my house. you know functuay and all that good shit. prolly cut up my weed on it.... baller
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i'm a very social person but somethings i do solo and its a nice time to reflect.
  1. skateboarding
    i used to skate with mi hermanos but those days are long gone. not like i did any tricks anyways cus i was the fat one in the group. but its nice to get out there once in a while. i take the gold line to little tokyo and push through downtown and back. just cruising. stopping to check something interesting out. go back and come thru again. just nice to be anonymous once ina while.
  2. taking fotos
    often on my skate abouts i stop to take pictures of the buildings, people, street signs, resteraunt store fronts, perritos. i havw months of rolls saved but still haven't processed the film. probably never will cus i hate paying for that shit.
  3. watching people
    i like to examine people, and try to figure out whats going on with them. like try to read there faces and see if they are upset or happy and i like to make up back stories for them like a movie. i name them and decide what there next move in life will be. some are fantastical and some are as normal as you.
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i don't have a problem with murder aslong as it's just and convenient.
  1. this fucking dick right here, i bet if you removed that badly attached hair from his head you would find the numbers 666. from his constant diahhrea of the mouth, spewing hatred towards the disadvantaged and hurting people. i constantly think of how i would kill him. i just can't choose, what is a girl to do? a public beheading or a private gutting
  2. though el chapo claims to be some robin hood type figure, and defender of the mexican people to me he is just as awful. so many deaths occur because of his existence, whether his ordered killings or the victims of drug abuse from his products. this guy is not a good guy. as a latino i am ashamed. i'd impail him with a spear, leave him out to rott.
  3. christopher columbus. the guy they told me in school was a hero and discoverer of lands. pfffft.... the natives should have stuck him like a pig and sent his crew back to spain with his head.
my name is jaime figueroa.... and these are there stories *law and order sound. (you know what i mean)
  1. i think this guy is a magician of some sorts, or a regretful bird hunter?
  2. this guy looks like an easter island head thats ready to mingle.
  3. this guy has a blue speedo which takes me back to my swim team days.
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  1. action bronson cus hes fat and soft
  2. dj khaled for being fat and overly positive. i am not loyal you do not know mez
  3. manuel pyro for being shirtless at all times.
  4. this fat bitch right here too