i usually rarley get what i want on my birthday and i'm usually nice about it but fuck that homeboy not this year!
  1. 1. Polar Bear fur coat
    this shit is hard to come by.... if you's a bitch! better hit that north pole and hit up the homies in the igloos and get to hunting g!
  2. 2. Shark Fin Soup
    holler at yur nearest triad smuggler and get that v rare shark fin and cook yuh boy up a bowl of that jaws feel meh!
  3. 3. Arc of the Covenant
    really would like this piece as more of a decorational item for my house. you know functuay and all that good shit. prolly cut up my weed on it.... baller
  4. 4. Shi Labeouf's wholy shirt
    i know he still has this shirt cus that shit been worn out, in all realness i probably wont fit into but i know hella bitches would pay to smell that shirt. #getyogwuapup
  5. 5. Big Cheeseburger from Jack's
    i just really like these and they are only like $1.25