i don't have a problem with murder aslong as it's just and convenient.
  1. this fucking dick right here, i bet if you removed that badly attached hair from his head you would find the numbers 666. from his constant diahhrea of the mouth, spewing hatred towards the disadvantaged and hurting people. i constantly think of how i would kill him. i just can't choose, what is a girl to do? a public beheading or a private gutting
  2. though el chapo claims to be some robin hood type figure, and defender of the mexican people to me he is just as awful. so many deaths occur because of his existence, whether his ordered killings or the victims of drug abuse from his products. this guy is not a good guy. as a latino i am ashamed. i'd impail him with a spear, leave him out to rott.
  3. christopher columbus. the guy they told me in school was a hero and discoverer of lands. pfffft.... the natives should have stuck him like a pig and sent his crew back to spain with his head.