5 Baby Products I can't live without

Let's be honest... Babies don't need much. When I was pregnant I thought I had to have EVERYTHING so I could be prepared to be the best mom ever. I leaned, rather quickly, that you don't have to have 75% of the stuff they try to sell you! I have listed some of the basics and a few extras that were worth the $$$ spent!
  1. Zip-up baby onesies
    It is bad enough having to wake up at 2 AM for a diaper change. Try adding all those little onesie snaps on top of that and keep your sanity. Zip-up onesies make all diaper changes a breeze. Plus they are super comfy and cute! You can find them at @walmart for around $5-6 bucks. Can't beat that!
  2. Love 2 Dream Baby Swaddle
    This baby swaddle is the jam. He has freedom to move his arms and comfort himself with his hands. He sleeps ALLLLL night in this thing. Yes, I said all night. PLUS.... Babies look super adorable in it. 👶🏻
  3. Moby Wrap
    Love love love my Moby Wrap! It's an easy way to tote baby around and get stuff done. Taking my massive stroller out of the car every time is a huge pain. I curse every time I even think about it. With the wrap I can slip him in and off we go. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to put on. If I can do it ... You can do it. (Hint: find a dummy proof YouTube video for the perfect wrap).
  4. Fisher Price Smart Connect Mobile
    This is probably my favorite buy. The only reason I bought a mobile in the first place was because it was SO cute in his nursery. I didn't think babies actually liked them. WRONG. My little darling is OBSESSED with his mobile. So much that I went and bought this Bluetooth mobile that I don't have to wind every 5 min to keep him entertained. He smiles and laughs and talks to this mobile non stop. Need a long"ish" shower for once? Pop your little one into the crib with this mobile. MAGIC.
  5. Activity Mat
    This is last because although it's not an absolute necessity, it has saved me many mornings while I am trying to eat, drink coffee, and pump all at the same time. This keeps my baby happily entertained for up to an hour. He likes to kick the legs and look up at me for approval. It is too cute.