Just a list of things that I'm liking this week
  1. TV: Undercover
    I just watched the finale and this show was amazing. Sophie Okonedo's acting is astounding in this mini series. So heartfelt and a lot of race issues which is great to see people speaking up about this sort of stuff on TV. Writing and acting A+
  2. Film: Me Before You
    It's official release date isn't until the 3rd of June in the UK, but my local cinema did an exclusive screening of it on Monday night and I was left feeling very emotional. I knew the storyline from hearing reviews of the book and kind of knew what to expect. I wouldn't say this is the normal type of film I enjoy watching but it was beautifully crafted. The dialogue felt so natural that you could believe the story behind the acting. And seeing Emilia Clarke in a more bubbly fun role was great.
  3. Food: Pizza
    There's nothing specific for this week I just love pizza.