I have this urge of saving every pic I see of a pup. Making this made me realize I might have a problem & also will probably need to make it into two parts.
  1. Okay i have no words
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    One cannot be sassier nor sexier than this poodle
  2. Just so relatable
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    I'm especially fond of pugs so beware.
  3. HOW?!
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  4. I'm jealous
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  5. Marnie, ofc!
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  6. Okay heres a random one of a bunny which reminds me of @zoe
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    ps- also rabbits
  7. I've used this for many different reasons, i just cant get enough of it!
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    ex. (tweet): "when ur stuck in traffic but the person next 2 u izz a cutieeee"
  8. Adrien Brody and a dog
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    I already love this man, so him taking this pic blew me away!
  9. Another pug
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  11. My bestfriends (@chlol0) dogs are true beauties
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    I've babysat these two babies and i love them soooo much!