i will try my best to stay professional here...
  1. Cristoph Waltz
    he is my all time favorite, he can take on any role my favorites of his are carnage, big eyes, inglorious basterds(ofc)
  2. Daniel Day Lewis
    There will be blood is my favorite movie ever!! but not just in that movie, DDL will never fail to leave an impact on you for hours
  3. Tom Hanks
    aww aww he just makes me so happy and i tell everyone hes my dad. it doesnt help that he also stars in great movies
  4. Oscar Isaac
    okay okay okay DESPITE how beautiful this man is and what i would give to have dinner at the cheesecake factory w him, hes is one of the BEST actors we have right now (ex machina, a most violent year, inside llewyn davis)
  5. Paul Dano
    theres so much i have to say about paul dano, i read an article about him being an underrated actor and i could not agree more, i feel like every movie i watch that he is in is exactly what i want from a movie, i love eerie/dark movies and i never fail to experience tht w his films. And him playing Brian Wilson is just a dagger to my heart, cannot stress how outstanding that movie and his performance was. (there will be blood, little miss sunshine, prisoners, love&mercy)
  6. Domnhall Gleeson
    Another heartbreaker. But lets talk about his amazing performances, the most intriguing about dom is that he is in various and slightly different genre of movies but they are all good. (frank, brooklyn, ex machina, the revenant)
  7. Jake Gyllenhaal
    So if i saw him walking on the street i'd probably punch him and then kiss him, id punch him for making me feel so many different emotions especially those of anger and confusion, id kiss him bc he's beautiful. I like to tell myself hes a genuine good person. But anyways jake is another who is in movies that have all the elements i want from them and his ability to make me believe he is the character he is playing is astonishing he is immensely talented.(nightcrawler, prisoners, donnie darko)
  8. Leonardo DiCaprio
    OKAY! lets not mention my obsession with him bc thats not why we're here, not here to celebrate his angel face and beautiful hair. the thing about leo is that he is one of hollywoods greatest actors and his movies are such huge box office hits that sometimes many people consider to be less film art and just movies for entertainment but every movie leo is in is actually good, i mean iv seen every single one of his movies and i love them all.(django Unchained, catch me if u can, the aviator)
  9. Adrien Brody
    okay probably the only actor on this list who has been in movies i did not like but hes in many that i do love and acting wise he is willing to take any role which i admire. brody is an amazing actor and i will watch any of his movies. ps he is HOT! (grand budapest hotel, detachment, the pianist, darjeeling limited)
  10. Joaquin Phoenix
    i can watch any movie hes in as much as i dont like the director. although you know is joaquin is joaquin in any movie you still can connect w the character of the story and idk how he does that but im not complaining. (the master, walk the line, inherent vice, HER)