IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER BC THAT WOULD KILL ME! um some are fairly new and might be a temporary thing but as of this moment these are me favorite. Here it goes @ashpotatoessss ...
  1. Common People by Pulp
    this band is grand, theres dark humor within the song and no one else can pull this off like them
  2. Blonde on Blonde by Nada Surf
    tears my heart open and goes right into the core of my feelings
  3. Harlem River by Kevin Morby
    i see a whole movie play out throughout the whole song... its a vvv long song
  4. Candles by Daughter
    yess i cry to this and ash included it to the playlist she made for me she gets it
  5. Mon Nom by Rodrigo Amarante
    chloe also made me a list and introduced this song to me HOLY SHIT it's definitely an all time favorite
  6. Goin' Home by Dan Auerbach
    just listen to it
  7. Hannah Hunt by Vampire Weekend
    ive cried to this song too many times, every single VW song is my favorite though
  8. Little Bit by Lykke Li
    my favorite artist EVER
  9. Charlie's Girl by Lou Reed
    umm i fucking love this song
  10. Nunca Es Suficiente by Natalia LaFourcade
    Spanish music is beautiful on such a higher level, the Spanish language is just sooo beautiful
  11. Alabama Song by The Doors
    my all time favorite band soo idk this is the one iv been listening to more lately
  12. Vega-Tables by The Beach Boys