my sweet sweet bestfriend @chlol0 her names chloe love for gods sake
  1. coolest person i know
    no srsly you dnt know cool till you meet chlo
  2. open minded
    so we will always have fun no matter what we do
  3. music taste
    immense appreciation for all music
  4. socially aware
    this is a really great quality of hers that impresses me everyday
  5. style
  6. urge for freedom
    feels like elementary all over again and that is true happiness
  7. concert companion
    we've died and come back to life within the time span of a show
  8. for the most part our celeb crushes are the same
    we r obsessive over the same ppl
  9. an actual real life angel that just radiants joy
  10. kind
    truly kind, nicest person i know
  11. lovable
    i swear everyone who knows her loves her
  12. we will live together soon and live our hs dreams