Best Photos of Oprah in Her Garden

I'm shocked that I have not done more Oprah lists.
  1. Let me cop a cherry tomato, sis.
  2. I never think about gardening or anything related EVER until I go on Oprah's instagram at which point I'm like, 'Let me be a farmer real quick. Let me wear overalls.'
  3. DJ Khaled made gardening relevant for the kids (LION!) but just know that Oprah is the OG and will be respected as such.
  4. Dude on the right is a little too chill about the fact that he's in a photo with Oprah. Suspicious.
  5. Avocados are huge.
  6. How big do you think her garden is?
  7. I wonder if Stedman is taking these photos.
  8. I think Stedman took this.
  9. She should have had the Legends Ball: Gardening Edition.
  10. Sidebar: Think about how Beyonce was not invited to the Legends Ball but Ashanti was.
  11. Additional sidebar: If you have not seen the Oprah show Legends Ball Special you should stop reading this and go watch it immediately. I don't know how you're alive.
  12. Seriously, why was EGOT-having Whoppi Goldberg not at the Legends Ball? Have either of them ever commented on this publicly?
  13. Ava Duvernay will definitely be at the next Legends Ball.
  14. I don't know what you're holding but I like your hat action so, okay.
  15. More greens pon your head top.