I wouldn't say I have road rage (my daughters would beg to differ) I just like to scream obscene things at other fellow drivers behind my tinted, rolled up windows. note: this is only a very very small few I yell...
  1. "Oh, too lazy to let me know you're randomly stopping and turning?? It's called a damn blinker!!!"
    Self explanatory
  2. "Slow down asshole, your going yo kill someone!!"
    I yell at the driver passing me while I'm going 80 in a 75...
  3. "You have plenty of room, get your ass over or let me pass you up. I don't have all day!!"
    The minute the car next to me signals and needs to merge into my lane.
  4. "Why can't they legalize pot in other states so everyone can go the fuck home???"
    I scream while I sit for an hour to drive 3.5 miles home, after work. (I live in colorado)
  5. "I'm not in the mood to have my ear drums bleed, turn down your shitty bass and rap music!"
    Again, self explanatory.
  6. "If I'm giving you time to cross the street, you better fucking hussle. Knees to chest bitch, let's go. Move it! Move it!"
    Trying to make a right hand turn while cars are piling up behind me and I'm waiting for someone, staring at their phone, to slowly cross the street I'm trying to turn on.