Check out more information about our closest neighbor:
  1. The Russians got there first.
    On March 1, 1966. The Soviet probe, Venera 3, crash-landed on Venus - it was the first spacecraft to ever reach the surface of another planet.
  2. The air is 900°
    Good news: you could cook a 16" pepperoni pizza in 9 seconds. Bad news: you'd be vaporized.
  3. Its year is shorter than its day
    It completes one rotation (1 day) everyone 243 Earth days and orbits the sun every 224.65 Earth days. Therefore, a Venus day is nearly 20 Earth days longer than its year.
  4. It rotates a different direction than Earth
    We're anti-clockwise, whereas Venus is clockwise (also called retrograde rotation.)
  5. The clouds on Venus rain sulfuric aid, which evaporates before it ever reaches the ground.
    So if you find yourself on Venus, no need to pack an umbrella.