This is an evolving list of extensions I've added to Google Chrome (desktop) to improve my internets. To add these to your Chrome, do a Google search for "[extensionname] extension" and the "Chrome Web Store" link will be the first result- click the "ADD TO CHROME" button at the top right of that page and you're set.
  1. Deluminate
    Allows you to invert the color scheme on any site you're looking at via Shift-F11. I always prefer looking at a black page with white text over a white page ("staring at a lightbulb") with black text when reading/browsing, especially at night. Be sure to play with the image invert settings to your liking per site
  2. Privacy Badger
    Anti-surveillance via the EFF. Superior to Ghostery
  3. HTTPS Everywhere
    Anti-surveillance, data security
  4. uBlock Origin
    Superior open-source (?) ad blocker
  5. timeStats
    Browser usage statistics
  6. The Camelizer
    Track prices of an Amazon item over time and set email alerts for a low price threshold for when you would like to pull the trigger and buy the item
  7. Checker Plus for Gmail
    Adds notifications when Gmail messages arrive, plus an icon that shows how many unread messages are in your inbox. Useful reminders for attempting to stay at "inbox zero"