I don't always reread books but when I do I hardly ever stray from this list...also most of them are series
  1. The Alchemist
    This book changed my life yo! Made me feel better about my college plan falling to pieces. Shout out Paolo Coehlo
  2. The Harry Potter series
    So good I can't choose just one
  3. A Series of Unfortunate Events
    These make me sad happy and sometimes it's what I need
  4. The Inheritance Series
    These books by Christopher Paolini are totes underrated
  5. Pride and Prejudice
    A daily dose of Darcy never hurt anyone. I don't read it daily more like once every two months.
  6. Where The Wild Things Are
    I have a nephew, he loves this book, also my first college roommate gifted it to me so it's a special book
  7. Where The Sidewalk Ends
    Reminds me of good times with my younger brother (side note: he introduced me to many of these books)
  8. Flipped
    Movie and book both good in my opinion. Bonded with my younger sister over Bryce *heart eyes*
  9. Great Expectations
    Read it because my brothers didn't want to do it but they also didn't want to fail their freshmen English class so I summarized it for them..I loved it and reread it once a year.