Rebels With a Cause

This isn't meant to be a James Dean themed post, but here is a list of some of my favourite artists and what they all have in common, changing the game and flipping it on its head
  1. William Eggleston
    He's probably my favourite photographer, both in his approach and what he's contributed to the art world. He was the reason and subject of the first exhibition of color photography at the MoMa. Game changer.
  2. Ai Weiwei
    In the present, it's both easy and hard to see his cultural impact and the issues he brings to light with his incredibly versatile installations. If ever there was a true 'artist of the people', Ai Weiwei fits the bill. His relentlessness in criticizing the Chinese government, and most recently, LEGO (for not allowing him to buy parts for fear of something being too political) is admirable and is the type of rebellion that we can all get behind
  3. Frida Kahlo
    It's a name that rolls of the tongue, and one that sticks in your head, for good. She grew up surrounded by the end of Porfirio Diaz's reign and the Mexican Revolution. Her social awareness grew out of her experiences and her constant self-expression is something we can all learn from. Whether intentional or not, she deconstructed false gender dichotomies and paved her own way in the art world, instead of letting her path be defined by a Eurocentric voice. That's really badass.
  4. Helen Levitt
    At first glance, her work looks as if one were to blend the eye of Cartier Bresson and Eggleston. She should in no way be defined by comparison, however. She was a pioneer of both street and colour photography, two realms that are right up my alley. In 1970, someone broke into her apartment and stole most of her film and prints, but that didn't stop her from continuing to document her surroundings brilliantly. In short, dedicate time to your craft and don't let anything set you back.