Here is my take on why it's crucial to devote time to your passion projects
  1. Fostering a DIY mentality
    A lot of the times, our day to day lives allow for a few moments to ourselves. Anything that you daydream about, can be made a reality in these few moments. Whether it's taking photographs, building a shelf, painting for fun, or finding a new way to tie your shoelaces, you would have done it yourself and built something from scratch.
  2. Adding importance to the process
    You learn to appreciate the process behind how content is created. Your own hard work will, in turn, teach you to respect other's hard work, in whatever field they're in. You'll see that a mixed media painting isn't just a mix up of different elements, but instead the culmination of days/months/years of chopping and changing. You'll see that a photo is not just a snapshot, but also a reflection of the photographer's mood and surroundings. Process is just as important as the final product.
  3. Using your craft as a productive escape
    More often than not, we look for fun ways to carve our own identity and creating something is the best way to do that. It empowers you and you begin to realize that imagining a concept means that it's already halfway to becoming a reality. You're the only person who can make that happen. This mindset starts to have a snowball effect and you'd see that your spare time is now more productive than before.