Though this will mostly be about Venice
  1. Abbot Kinney
    Lucked out and lived there for 2yrs. Was most amazing location and never made me want to leave Venice. Ever. Though I'm in NY now and constantly miss kt
  2. French Market Cafe
    Was my go-to breakfast spot
  3. Gjelinas
    I know it's trendy, but as a Venice local I knew a bunch of the peeps there. Great staff amazing food
  4. Beach
    Do I really need to explain?
  5. Downtown LA
    Was living loft life a block away from skid row. Was amazing and such a lively community
  6. Mountains
    I miss hiking so much! Can start the day surfing and end with a hike all in one day. Friends lived in Topanga Canyon and was awesome
  7. Mexican food
    Was everywhere and so tasty. My favorite
  8. Friends
    Good group of friends there made my time living there memorable
  9. Weather
    Always sunny in LA. And no humidity!