1. Steph Curry
    MVP. Enough said
  2. Draymond Green
    Brings all the energy and has a nonstop motor!
  3. Lebron James
    I just don't think he can actually win without a Big 3. He didn't with the old Cavs. And Irving is now injured and Love is still out. Plus they are not as good as Wade and Bosh. Lebron is great, but he's always had all stars around him and I don't know if he has legitimately created all stars
  4. Klay Thompson
    Splash bro #2. He can really light it up, and he and Curry both get going its over
  5. Home court
    Loudest arena and best fans. Love my fellow warrior fans!
  6. Supporting cast
    Barnes, Iggy, Bogut, Speights plus some. These guys can all score and Bogut and Iggy are locked down defenders.
  7. JR Smith
    I love seeing JR shoot these crazy off balance shots.... Mostly because he's so inconsistent. That said he has so much confidence, and if he gets hot, then it's his show. I'm thinking they're not gonna fall for him, but will steal possessions away from his teammates resulting in bigger lead for the Warriors