Now 8 year old Liv is an old soul with a funny twist.
  1. "every rock has a story, I wish they'd tell me their story."
    When asked why she had so many rocks in her backpack
  2. "For my birthday, want one of those things in my room that makes it cold"
    Aka an air conditioner
  3. "I can tell you. We're gunna need to make a rule in there for them cuz they keep throwing wrappers on the floor! They need to find a garbage can or throw it in the portapotty."
    Referencing the construction workers at our house
  4. "why do you wear your undies like wedgies in your coolies?"
    wrt thong underware
  5. I was the only girl. I felt lonely up there!
    After receiving her science fair award for 1st place