My mom is a character. I love her and the way she inadvertently makes my siblings and I laugh with just her words.
  1. Jo lapotated
    Translation: dilapidated
  2. Pacific
    Translation: Specifc
  3. Moofaa
    Translation: A bad musty smell
  4. Beeochala
    Translation: Bitch
  5. Whooa or Who're
    Translation: whore
  6. Myusban
    Translation: my husband
  7. Blouse
    Translation: any shirt
  8. Dungarees
    Translation: jeans, any jeans
  9. Turns around and...
    Translation: a physical description of changing your mind. "She turns around and says"
  10. Wet yourself
    No, she isn't asking you to pee your pants. This is moms advice when you are hot in the summer. She insists you go into the pool and "wet yourself" before any activity. She says this loud and often in public places. It's great.
  11. Kricklem
    Translation: Curriculum
  12. Soder
    Translation: soda
  13. Tumblesauce
    Translation: tumblesault
  14. Shut your face
    Translation: stop speaking