Things that make ordinary days seem extra special, or that recharge me when I'm running on empty.
  1. Face-time, just sitting and chatting and lingering with friends and family. This slows me down and is a wonderfully countercultural practice that helps me fight the frantic pace of my industry and city. Bonus if a hot drink in a good mug is involved.
  2. Digging deeply into scripture. Currently studying through the parables of Jesus.
  3. Wood wick candles burning in the evenings and music on. They crackle like a fireplace and I know life is too busy when I forget to turn on music.
  4. Simple routines for mornings and evenings. Mornings, I open blinds to let the light in, start water boiling for French-press, prep breakfast, turn on music and get ready for the day.
  5. Time on the tennis court.
  6. Exploration - of ideas, of places, of people, of art and history and business and life.
  7. Slim-can La Croix. It tastes better.
  8. Brunch, anytime. Eggs Benedict + Coffee or French yogurt and granola. (Yogurt in a glass jar adds a little bit of special to my mornings.)
  9. French press coffee, and the process of making it.
  10. Sunday grocery shopping, and weekly meal prep into my vintage Fridgedaire.
  11. Traveling and expanding my experiences in this big, beautiful world.
  12. A modified capsule wardrobe with a limited color palettes. Soft dressing in blacks, grays, whites, creams, accents of blush and navy feel great, whether I'm dressed up or down. Also, makes it easy to travel on a moment's notice.
  13. Drinking tea before bed, and the process of making it.
  14. The walkability of my neighborhood, and having neighbors that are friends. Front porch happy hours and walking over for dinner.
  15. Learning the nuances and pairings for cheese at my neighborhood cheese shop. And the fact that I have a neighborhood cheese shop.
  16. The ocean. The ocean. The ocean. (Saltwater cures all...sweat, tears and the ocean...)