1. Wanting to eat a slice on the drive home, but not knowing how to explain a missing slice when I get home.
  2. Hating yourself for eating a third slice.
  3. Hating yourself for still wanting a fourth slice.
  4. Eating pizza two days in a row but trying to justify by explaining that one pizza was a breakfast pizza. So... Different.
  5. Regretting not ordering breadsticks.
  6. The smell in the car. Oh my god, the smell.
  7. Wondering on a regular basis if it's acceptable to order a pizza for one person.
  8. Pizza-ing with friends and trying to hide how many slices your had. "Ah man - I'll take the last slice... I've uh... only had a couple..."
  9. Craving that garlic dipping sauce from papa johns. Always.
  10. Suggesting pizza for every meal.
  11. Never attempting to make a homemade pizza bc who could even?
  12. The necessity of soda with pizza. Who drinks water with pizza?? Not a thing.