1. Thinking you can totally make it until your next outing.
  2. Forgetting you need gas & getting on the highway.
  3. Realizing you are in dire need of gas.
  4. Trying to exit but not wanting to commit incase there's not a gas station at that exit.
  5. Realizing there's no other option - you have to exit.
  6. Frantically typing "gas station" into google maps.
  7. Thinking that your car is just going to stop every time you press the gas.
  8. Wondering what happens if you actually DO run out of gas.
  9. Debating whether you are expected to tell your parents, boyfriend, friends if you do indeed run out of gas.
  10. Realizing the possibility of your car literally running out of gas is a real possibility.
  11. The relief as you pull up to the pump.