#HamiltonMusical #ThomasJefferson
  1. He's not even introduced until Act II
  2. Then he waltzes in and is named Secretary of State (just like Hil)
  3. He didn't even fight in the revolution?! He was in France the entire time??
  4. This line: "Sally, be a lamb, darlin', wontcha open it?" Uh... What. Too soon.
  5. When he quotes the Declaration of Independence... That he wrote... And he sounds like Lil Wayne.
  6. Throws truth though about taxing whiskey. Be cool, A Ham.
  7. He hates on Alexander's clothes - what even?! You guys wear wigs!!! Or wait... Is that really their hair?
  8. When he thinks he has dirt on Hamilton, except really Hamilton's just a player.
  9. Then he tries to get Hamilton to endorse him - chyeah right. (Except Hamilton does...)
  10. Overall, a sassy, classy founding father.