Adventures Of Online Dating

... I can never have normal conversations apparently with anyone in this world.
  1. Need some fries with this salt
    Part One
  2. Need some fries with this salt
    Part Two
  3. Moms Beware
    *His bio said he would prob just fuck your mom*
  4. Feeling the love
    We sort of became friends after this? Probably not though
  5. Just nah.
    Sometimes I wonder why I don't just give up.... But then I do give up and now do this for shits
  6. Dogs
  7. Dogs are my weakness
  8. Mr. Not-So-Weatherman
    It wasn't even snowing?
  9. This is now my life
  10. I scared him away after this
  11. Dogs
    I really want a hatchback black silver rims husky mix with a German Shepard exterior.
  12. DTF shouldn't exist in the English Language
  13. Celebrating...
    Pt. 1
  14. ...With Sex
    Pt. 2
  15. I love walking
    Sassy cuz I wanna be
  16. Catfish Sighting
    I should be alongside Nev and Max by now honestly... So many Catfish I have run into and cracked.
  17. I love me some Honest Tea
  18. The Kink Scene is Becoming Too Much
  19. Cuddling
    I hate cuddling.
  20. This guy 🙄
    Fun Fact: he was a Catfish! I said I didn't believe that was him, so I asked for another picture. He sent a random ass one, so I was like "Can you take a picture holding a sign that says '253 6237' " He replied to that, but he unmatched me too fast for me to read it (UNFORTUNATELY)... Nev & Max need to HIT ME UP so I can be their sidekick!!
  21. Found Clay Jensen!
    Pt. 1
  22. Found Clay Jensen!
    Pt. 2
  23. Found Clay Jensen!
    Pt. 3
  24. I'm not playing games anymore tbh
  25. Cutie is an orange hybrid thing
  26. Cheeky 😏
  27. I make only make exceptions when it comes to a person owning anything other than a dog. I'm very lenient when it comes to pets.
  28. Update: Cheeky 😏
  29. Pls Stop This.
  30. Ran into this asshole* [PART 1]
    * he was talking to my friend for a while (lives in the same city but went to a different high school than me and my friend) ... Anyways, she once showed me a picture of him and I automatically thought of the Goblin "Luke" from Halloweentown! Like literally they look very similar. So, he was a total jerk to my friend and just wanted to sleep with her. When she was like "nah not into that" he got very touchy and defensive so she basically ran out of his house but not before he pulled the
  31. Ran into this asshole* [PART 2]
    * "my dad died and I'm still upset and very very lonely" card to MAKE HER FEEL BAD FOR FEELING SO UNCOMFORTABLE IN THAT SITUATION. Now he pops up occasionally trying to talk to her, and he is an asshole and Ive said this to her but she says "their just friends" but yeah. So I matched with him because I wanted to tell him first hand he looks like Luke the Goblin from Halloweentown so yeah. Response to this is yet to be given.
  32. Ran into a Nathan from Teen Mom 2 look alike...
    All I can do from this convo is laugh! 😂
  33. 🔥
    I have no words for this
  34. In the beginning...
    Not going to lie, surprised with this one. He asked, I didn't give the answer he wanted, and he was nice about it (unlike some other guys)... This is a first! Now I'm kinda sad we can't be friends 😂😂😂
  35. Numbers mean Nothing
  36. Update: Numbers mean Nothing
  37. *cue: "That's Not My Name"*
  38. 🙅🏼
  39. Please don't open with this.
  40. 💁🏼
  41. "Are those space pants? Because your ass is out of this world!" - said no one to me ever....
  42. This person pretending to be a dog.
    My bio says: "I probably just want to pet your dog." So he opened the convo with "Nope". So I responded with "What?" And that is what happened next.
  43. Space man update:
  44. 💪🏼
    He was shirtless in all of his pictures in case you didn't catch the hint 😉
  45. Shirtless Man Update:
    He lost interest because I used my Catfish skills and smelt something fishy... 🐱🐟
  46. Tall men are useful for reaching the cereal shelf
    His bio said "Tall so I can look down on you if you're into that sort of thing" so I decided to test it out. UPDATE: he unmatched me.
  47. Wanted some more full body pics after hearing I was 5'4" on a good day, then asked for my snap.
    Things currently ended with some more "not enough" bullshit.
  48. Pt. 1.
    This is the same Snapchat Butt Guy but actually moved to snapchat.
  49. Pt. 2
    A girl can only handle so much disregard in a day... So theres that. I'm boring now! (He then continued to call me a "sweet person") just never enough for any slum of Tinder now. UPDATE: deleted me from Snapchat.
  50. Santa Clause likes his chocolate?
    I'm really starting to give up on being serious on these apps, so now it's mostly for pure enjoyment for myself... Minus the rude ones of course 😂 have to let those twats be brushed off.
  51. Seems Promising....
    Plus, he cute doe.
  52. People from High School
    This is like the 3rd time I matched with him. first time, I swiped right to see if he swiped right (i think most people do this when they come across someone they know). It was an instant match, causing us to have a convo. This was in my first year of Uni. Earlier in February I got bumble, saw him, swiped right, and it was another instant match. Now I started the convo (bumble = ladies talk first). I deleted tinder and got it back, swiping through, saw him, swiped right, INSTANT MATCH.
  53. These guys...
    who often copy and paste their messages from the notes app. Also, I think I ran into this guy before.
  54. NSWF?
    Um what? (Some people may say I'm making fun of these people for using a site where it's usually used and intended for hookups/sex, but like I'm actually just like wtf? Half the time and using this to document my thoughts)
  55. I was genuinely sad for him.
    It was such a cute dog.
  56. Some more salt...
    Why can't people understand that I am a student who needs to work full time during the summer so I don't have to work during the year? Also, like I don't have a lot of free time.
  57. Asks for a comparison of Tinder... Is the definition of Tinder.
  58. 101 Dalmatians
    My bio is "I probably want to pet your dog" and now he thinks I'm Cruella Deville? How does that make sense? She wanted to kill dogs, not pet them.
  59. My friends and I had a discussion about this on the weekend...
  60. Ran into this asshole* — UPDATE!
    *He finally replied within the allotted time, so we shall see how this goes when I'm done with him.
  61. Ran into this asshole* [UPDATE #2]
    *he got butthurt and unmatched me after mocking my fave movie that I am v passionate about.
  62. Minute Maid V.S. Minute Rice
  63. Virginity pt.1
  64. Virginity pt.2
  65. The Virginity Guy via Text pt. 1
    He sent me a picture of his "gains" around 8pm. He texted me at 10:30 with a "Seriously? Lol" I asked him what and he said I guess you did get my picture. I was so confused so I had to turn on my data (how I get pictures) to see what he was talking about. And that's what really catches you up with this conversation.
  66. The Virginity Guy via Text pt. 2
    For the last 4 days his name has always been just a number.
  67. 17!!!
    Some background... My sister is 17, and honestly she's doing things now and I can only see her as a child... Thus, every 17 year old (+younger) is a baby in my eyes.
  68. part 1
  69. part 2
    "Alrighty, I guess this is the end. It was fun while it lasted."
  70. Bitch, I watch Catfish!
    He unmatched me right after this! Obviously he's a catfish.