Bad Luck Steph

Move over Bad Luck Brian, we have a new sherif in town. These are All the times my bad luck has shown through.
  1. Guy I'm interested in has a Step Kid he helped raise.
    And the baby mama aborted their child together, they broke up, he started talking to me while missing his kid and baby mama for 8 months, they get back together and he doesn't tell me. (Obviously no longer talking)
  2. Guy I'm interested in is a fucking asshole racist and led me on for a year.
    Title pretty much explained that one. He also said I'm actually lying about everything in my life.(Obviously no longer talking)
  3. Guy I'm interested in tells me he has an FWB but is looking for a relationship.
    I have no idea with this one...
  4. Excited to be eating healthy and has a positive body change... Gains 10lbs in a week after getting off medication that was causing pain.
    Hella pissed about this one. Currently trying to get back on the healthy train after eating my feelings all week.
  5. The many many times I was called Boring and/or a Prude
  6. Walked to the stupidest boring class I've ever had to take in my entire life in the pouring rain.
    Thinking my bag would be drier than my rain coat pocket, I put my phone in the bottom and walked 10 minutes to class. I got there soaked. I took of my jacket, threw it on the chair beside mine and took a seat. I opened my bag to find my phone floating in the pool of water at the bottom of my bag. My notes were ruined too, but I was obviously more concerned with my phone. Luckily my phone came out alive with only a faint yellow line across the screen that my eyes tend to ignore.
  7. When my friend gets her brother to pick me up so I start having a panic attack
    I just can't do people idk. Like rn I'm freaking out. I like plans and this isn't the plan and I'm just hella confused and now I'm supposed to meet at the LCBO but i have bags and chips and I can't walk in there to buy things with all that stuff since I can barely carry it and I'm just confused and like what? Now i feel bad for making my friend drive back into town but like I don't get the plan and I'm just freaking
  8. I was told that I was "so vanilla"
    What's that supposed to even mean?
  9. Being "so Vanilla" means that...
    "you are plain and ordinary. I say that because you don't expand on anything, you don't ask questions, you have said the absolute bare minimum to everything and I got sick of forcing the conversation". Like I don't want to talk in depth to someone 24/7 when if I'm "good" I'm just good. There is nothing to expand from that.
  10. Sunburned while using sunscreen
    I put on so much sunscreen (SPF 50 AND Kids Sunscreen!!) and now my face is burnt and the inside of my legs are burnt (idek how that works) SOOO my skin is toasty for a few days and I'm hoping it will actually turn to tan!
  11. Liking a guy who only Snapchats me when he wants and never texts back.
    He claims his ex was a shitty texter so he picked up on it, but I've tried to still text him. Now he only snapchats me whenever he wants. But HE IS SO FUCKING CUTE and I need some good in my life.
  12. Forgetting a guys name, telling him the truth about forgetting it, asking if it's Zach but his name is Josh.
    Whatever that was it's all over now...
  13. ‪I've established that I can't tell anyone about the guys I'm talking to because it then goes to shit.
    Like it could be the best relationship ever going so strong, but as soon as I mention them to my mom, sister, or friends, it then goes all to shit! It never works out after that.
  14. I can't get a dog after I graduate
    I've been planing to get a dog for my graduation present to myself, but now I have to wait a year or two after to have an apartment or house because my dad won't let me have a big dog in his house. It's not like I wanted a Great Dane?
  15. Every time I get to the point in a relationship where you start to talk the personal stuff, it always gets awkward
    It goes to literal shit.
  16. Put on meds for my skin, skin got better, physical body got worse (lots of side pains, possibly kidney issues), stopped taking meds, skin gets worse, body gets worse, everything is worse.
  17. I catch feelings too fast
  18. BUT I can lose feelings just as fast
  19. My back is actually an 80 year old woman's back
    ^ my back at me. #myspineisasquigglyline
  20. I can flirt when I don't want to flirt, but I can't flirt when I want to flirt
  21. I gained more weight while eating healthy and working out at home (sit ups, push ups, squats, twist thinggies)?
    Like is that supposed to happen? Or did I do something wrong?
  22. I can't eat bread anymore
    My stomach doesn't like bread? DOES IT KNOW WE ARE PORTUGUESE AND WE LOVE BREAD?! I can't digest bread well, so I need to cut back and I am so upset.
  23. No one understands me or what I say
    This sounds so cliché but no one understands what I'm ever saying. They say I'm confused - that I never had the life experiences I had, that it's all in my head or maybe it was nothing. Like I will never get over the time that someone who is supposed to be my best friend, told me that I was just confused in the most damaging part of my life - that I didn't actually go through shit, and I just wanted to hop on to the "trend" of mental illness. I wouldn't wish this illness on anyone.
  24. The cute guy hits me up 1 month after not talking calling me cute and wanting to hang out at 10pm
    What is my life?! The cute guy only wants me during fuck boy hours. WHAT THE FUCKK.
  25. That inevitable "how many relationships"/"omg you're a virgin"?!conversation commences.
    And the inevitable answer "none"/"yes"... This conversation always ends any relationship that was yet to be formed, thus causing to have many "almost" relationships. I hate my life in this day and age😅 I have yet to meet someone who can get past this conversation and stick around!
  26. I'm going to take up cute guy on his hang out offer
    I have bad luck anyways so why not try to live my life the way I want?? ... But like during the day, in public, and not alone in his room at 10 pm because we didn't have "THE" conversation....
  27. When your younger cousins are in like long ass serious relationships and you're still just as single as you were 7 years ago.
    It's because I didn't send that fucking chain mail back when I was 8.... I know it is. It has to be the reason.
  28. Stuff I didn't want donated got donated.
    My dad decided to go before we got a chance to actually look over shit, and he donated my shit and my mom's work shirts. So she tried to yell at me saying it was my fault, but I just said I had things there I wanted gone... Not everything. He shouldn't have jumped the gun and waited a day for us to not be in a rush/busy to look over stuff. We literally were getting ready to bring my guinea to my Gmas for our trip, and he left to donate stuff! Like wtf?! Didn't tell us or anything!!
  29. I can't tell anyone about who I'm talking to or else the relationship (or whatever was happening) ends
    Every time it is going hella good for months on end, but as soon as I tell anyone it crashes and burns. Like no joke a day or two after.
  30. Gaining a lot weight while eating healthy 80% of the time.
    Like I went on vacation, splurged, and now my body is back to shit! I can't win!! I eat healthy, gain weight. I spoil myself a bit, I gain weight. I'm tired of this wtf!
  31. My dog doesn't cuddle with me
    This is why I need to get done school, get a job, move to my own place, and then get a dog so I can get it to love me and only me.