My little babes
  1. Dakota
    When we had first brought her home
  2. Athena
    When we first brought her home
  3. Static
    By the way!! Please don't get guineas at pet shops!! Like I'm not just saying that because there are tons in shelters (which is true) but because of their health! I brought these girls home and a few days later Dakota was showing signs of mites on her nose. Obviously it wasn't me that caused it because I had just got her, it was the pet store. After we started treating Dakota, we noticed that Athena had a huge patch on her back as well! I would never wish this on anyone. I was so scared for them
  4. Shy babes
    Kota gets hella shy
  5. hiding
    Kota loves to like hide in her bed lol
  6. Lazy piggys
    Athena loves to lounge around, but she is so vocal when it comes to anything food related
  7. Static
    Dakota really loves the house while Athena is a very social girl
  8. Static
    Kota ate cucumber from my hand so she's finally starting to get use to me ☺️ while Athena is just crazy about her food still. They love this tube in their play pen since Dakota still loves to hide and be hidden.
  9. Static
    Because of the health scare, I had to bring them home and thank god my mom was so chill with that! She helped them heal up nicely! And they have been home ever since (kind of getting way too big to be hiding at school lol) so I miss them when I'm away!❤️
  10. Little Dakota always Hiding
  11. Play Pen Time
    (We have started to change this up and got them a bigger cage set up! We are also going to be bringing them outside in the summer )
  12. Food
  13. Food
    We moved down the ledge that came with the cage (btw it's too small now despite being "for guinea pigs" so we got them a new one) so they have been using that as their food area or chill area lol
  14. Athena Side Eyeing Me
    When I say Athena loves her food time, I mean it lol.
  15. First Time Outside
    At first they were very timid and just stayed close together. They just munched on some grass and stayed close to the edge of the gates.
  16. First Time Outside
    Both of the girls loved eating the grass... They went crazy!
  17. First Time Outside
    Dakota was the first to break from Athena's side to go on an adventure... This is so unlike her too! I think she loved the grass on her little feet and had to run around.
  18. First Time Outside
    Brought out some romaine lettuce for the girls to munch on, but they loved the grass a lot more! This is a rare photo of Athena actually munching on the lettuce because after this she avoided that and wanted the good stuff!! (The grass)
  19. First Time Outside
    Honestly, the lighting is so amazing and shows the true beauty of both girls! This is little Dakota enjoying the grass... She was too excited.
  20. First Time Outside
    The girls loved the outside so much, but we have to make some sort of shade for them next time... Athena got tired and laid in the very minimum shade we did have, but overall the girls enjoyed the time outside.
  21. Static
    Girls are huge now.
  22. Athena in the Mornings
    Shes so cute and crazy! She comes to the door now when she knows you're bringing food and she's hungry. She'll take whatever she wants from the container of food and take it away to eat it. She's still the one who wants first pick, so maybe that's why she greets you at the door.
  23. Dakota (ft. Athena's butt)
    She's still the shy one, but when she's really hungry she'll come to the door for food... A few centimetres behind Athena (of course). She's so cute and she actually lets you feed her some by hand, if they are her favourites of course. Today I handed her some arugula and she ate that so fast, I didn't even know I had it in my hand. Followed by a carrot, which she did take away and eat at her own pace. Little Miss Dakota is still her crazy haired self, but slowly getting use to her surroundings.
  24. Static
  25. Static
    Dakota testing the waters of the outside world
  26. Static
    Athena testing the waters (feat. Rascals head)
  27. Static
    All three babies together! Rascal was protecting the girls and making sure they didn't get too far out of the cage.
  28. Static