Inspired by @plaidcheesecake
  1. Was the fruit Orange named after the colour orange? Or was the colour Orange named after the fruit?
    Who came up with the names? How do they know it was Orange? Why not Sour?
  2. Why do people in the North say 'Pop' when the people in the South say 'Soda'?
    I prefer Pop... It makes more sense. Because Pop pops.
  3. It’s weird to think that people who are 5 ft are only 5 subways long
  4. What are you really supposed to do when people are singing "Happy Birthday" to you?
    Like smile? Sing along? Clap? Dance? Cry? Leave? I need some answers.
  5. This whole "months" thing
    I think at age 2+ you can start using numbers because months don't matter anymore!
  6. Static
  7. Why do I keep trying to meet someone exceptional?
  8. What is the whole "don't wear white after labour day" thing?
    Like every day is "after labour day" except labour day itself.
  9. Why do guys like to pose with their dicks?
    Like they send unsolicited dick pics and always have the same pose... Or like a few poses.
  10. Why do I hate Farrah Abraham so much?
    Like it's prob because she's so salty and so rude and so ungrateful and so stupid and cannot parent her child. Like I know I'm not a parent myself, but her child is 8 years old and still cannot speak properly (like the other 8 year olds on the show). She buys her child's love... And that seriously disgusts me. Also! She gets all these new animals, gets tired of them and then gets rid of them!
  11. Does Crack and Marijuana like have a taste?
    Does it taste good? Bad? Like skunk spray?
  12. Watching the Older generation use a computer or other technology is pretty funny.
    Unless it's them trying to use the debit machine for their purchase and you have a long line up of people behind them.
  13. What is an appropriate time to wake up your friends at a sleepover?
    Like it's 10am and idk when to be like "hey guys, the day is leaving us!"
  14. Why does the body hate alcohol?
  15. Why am I incapable of loving myself?
    Like I am awesome, and I know this, but I just can't get over those things that make me hate myself.
  16. Why do I hate making people unhappy with me?
    I know I can't please everyone, but I just hate when people hate me.
  17. I swear if I somehow can't have kids in the future, I'm going to be so upset.
    I did not go through all these periods, period pain, and money spent trying to absorb blood to not be able to have kids. This makes me so upset for those who can't have children... If any of my friends can't have kids, I will totally be up to being a incubator for them.
  18. Why do guys get squeamish about virginity?
    They are either so into it that it gets creepy, or they stay far away from you as if it's the plague.
  19. a woman is a tease if she's a virgin and talking dirty with a guy?
    didn't know a piece of skin determined everything.
  20. OK but why is the sky actually blue?
  21. How long would it take for people to die as the ozone layer opens up?....eventually
  22. "Don't get tattoos all over your arms Stephanie! It will effect your future. You can't have all these tattoos on your arms! You have to hide them." - My Mom
    I literally told her I wanted another tattoo on the arm opposite to my other tattoo??? Like? Two small tattoos won't do shit to my future. There is such thing as tattoo makeup and long sleeves. Plus, who turns away a lawyer or paralegal for having tattoos on their arms? STUPID PEOPLE!
  23. Flying ants are actually so rude and need to get the fuck out.
  24. So my immune system is so good that it results in psoriasis?
    This makes no sense body.
  25. Will I ever find a lawyer to marry? Will I get this little fantasy that replays over and over in my head?
  26. I really wish I had a tape recorder that recorded every thing I said.
  27. Why can't Lana Del Rey only do song collabs with The Weeknd?
    Their music is perfect together.
  28. Not all green tea tastes the same
  29. How does it feel when you kiss someone you actually want to kiss?
  30. Honestly, my bed is my safe space
  31. People (mostly guys) telling me I'm a catch, but I'm still single and have been my entire life...
    Like how does this work? I'm a catch, but you won't even think about dating me? Why did I not get caught yet? 🙄 fucking people man.