I know women are fighting hard to not be a stay at home mom, but I wouldn't be totally against doing that.
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    I can make some really good (but healthy) muffins
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    I can always find cooking/baking substitutes for dietary restrictions
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    I can't wait to carry and have children
    Picking out names, watching them grow, the works.
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    Having a house with my husband and making it a dream home
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    I am a pretty neat person, and hate messes (in the masses)
    Because a house without dust isn't a home
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    All of the pets
    Owning so many pets and constantly bringing home more dogs. The future husband might hate me, but my kids will love me more!
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    Themed birthday parties and play dates
    I have a very weird imagination so it will work with these parties. I hate people, but if play dates make my children happy and social, I'd deal with it.
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    I might make shitty food, but I make up for it in jokes
    I can be hilarious.
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    Have an open and comfortable family environment
    Go out for dinner, see a movie at the theatre or have a movie night at home - I will always try to make sure everyone is content and have an open space to speak their minds.
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    I will train my kids to not be little asshole devil children
    They will always be polite and never disrespect anyone in public. I don't care if they act like children in my house, but in public they will act respectful towards other people. There is already too much negativity in this world, and my children won't be adding to that.
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    I'm always searching for new recipes
    I could get my family to test them out and even get the kids to join in and help! I love finding new and healthy recipes (even some unhealthy treats 😉)
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    It's so easy to wake me up, so if my kids have a problem (or my husband) all you have to do is knock on the door or say my name and I'm up.
    I don't sleep well anyways, so🙇🏼 (PS. I did a parenting course and got 100% on the baby and care taking portion because I could sense the baby was about to start crying and woke up before all that)
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    I can't believe in myself, but I for sure can believe in everyone else
    I can be my husband and kid's number one fan.
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    I'm so up to not having a period for 9-10 months
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    Sweet Potato Fries...
    I tried and it just didn't work... But I shall try again
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    My body doesn't let me sleep, so I'll be the first one up.
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    I'm actually quiet while doing things in the morning
    So everyone else will get sleep.
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    I know how to discipline without screaming and yelling at someone.
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    I just can't wait to be a mom?
    Like, all gender/societal norms aside, for some strange reason thats like what I feel like I was put on this earth to do. I can't wait to have a 50% mini me running around giggling.