Things I Hate About Working In Food (+Customer Service)

Working for 5 years at the same Food Service Job SUCKS ASS... But there are many stories, so I'll at those in too.
  1. 1.
    When people come through drive thru and ask for their order to be quicker.
    Meanwhile the person ahead of them order 7 coffees (not black ones, with all different fixings), 5 ice coffees, 3 dozen donuts (didn't call ahead), and 5 sandwiches. You're going to be waiting a bit behind that guy to get your order. Don't blame the workers, blame the customers - they are to blame 93% of the time.
  2. 2.
    Those people who have no idea what they are ordering, but act like they know it all.
    EG1: "Can I get a double double with milk?" So a 2 milk 2 sugar? "NO! A DOUBLE DOUBLE WITH MILK!" Yeah thats a 2 milk 2 sugar. EG2: "can I get a regular coffee?" What size? "A regular coffee." What Size? "A REGULAR COFFEE!" I know. What SIZE? "Oh. Small."
  3. 3.
    Coming home with little ' paper cut' like cuts all over your hands.
    (Or like any cuts in general) the culprit? Coffee lids. That shit stings more than paper cuts 95% of the time.
  4. 4.
    The Coworkers Who Have No Idea What Teamwork Actually Is.
    P.S. An example is if you are taking 3 X-Large Dark Roast Coffees and you take the last of the pot, YOU PUT ANOTHER POT ON BEFORE YOU WALK AWAY because you can see that there are only two people running around drive thru clearly busy and won't notice the missing coffee until they need 4 Large Dark Roast Coffees.
  5. 5.
    The Many Times It Was Our Fault Someone Drove Off/ Walked Off Without Their Order.
    Because we have all the control over the gas and steering of their car/ control of their brain to tell their feet to move without taking their items.
  6. 6.
    When people tell me to 'SMILE!'
    I have heard so many different "jokes" to make me smile it's ridiculous! "Can I get a smile with that?" My favourite time was when a customer said "if you're happy and you know it, Smile!" I looked him dead in the eyes with a straight face for 5 minutes. He wouldn't leave so I had to smile to get him to piss off... But today, I had a good experience and the customer left saying "Keep Smiling! It looks good on you!" And that was a great thing to say. He made me smile by having a conversation.
  7. 7.
    When customers tell me how to do my job
    As if I have haven't worked there for 5 year (and counting)
  8. 8.
    When someone burns themselves on Black coffee and the customers give no shits so yell at you for being slow
  9. 9.
    When customers cards don't go through, but they get mad when you tell them that
  10. 10.
    When customers bitch to you about the company you work for
    I'm not here at the shitty job because I like it David. I'm here to make money for school. Talk to the head of the company if you want to bitch.
  11. 11.
    When two customers get into fights which results in tables being knocked over
    Note: my sister witnessed this. Note 2: they were like 60+.
  12. 12.
    When they order something we apparently don't have despite being able to look at the showcase the entire time they are in line/ordering
    Like ??? I can't see the food while standing and taking your order. YOU KNOW WE'RE OUT AND YOU STILL ORDER IT? The best part? How mad they get when you tell them we don't have it! BUT THEY KNEW WE DIDN'T.
  13. 13.
    When you get asked if you want to leave early
    And you have the debate in your mind whether or not to stay because you are broke af but it's slow and you hate your life. So you ask if you can leave 15mins early compared to the 30 they offered. Or 30 compared to the 1hr.
  14. 14.
    When you're done work but as you get off the floor it starts to get busy
    So you run like your ass is on fire
  15. 15.
    Your hands are now desensitized to hot liquids since you spill onto yourself so many times
    Maybe even burn off some of your fingerprints
  16. 16.
    Having work themed dreams
    For many years now, I will come home from work, go to bed, and only have dreams of working again. As if 8 hours a day is enough, I have to have a sleep filled night of it too? Ridiculous!!
  17. 17.
    Having super dry hands from washing your hands 700 times a day while working
  18. 18.
    I can't be involved in the cool contests at the specific place I work at.
    So I try to fuck the system and go to another establishment but always get the wrong drink order!
  19. 19.
    Working Canada Day is a SHIT SHOW!
    If you are scheduled during the parade you're literally fucked since the parade is right outside. Your break is when the parade is going on and anytime before or after that is BUSY! It's so busy people are assigned a station (order taking, getting products, making hot drinks, making lattes, making cold drinks) and you stand there basically your whole shift (except that 10min break you have during the parade - which is the only break you get for 8 hours) I worked one when I was 15 & Never again!
  20. 20.
    When customers try to come up with new ordering lingo and get mad when you have no idea what they are ordering
    Listen - we are the company, we get to make the cool lingo
  21. 21.
    When customers have no idea what they are ordering in drive thru, so they ask you for help but you have no idea because they can't explain it.
    They only say "well it's on this sign out here." I can't see the sign from here ma'am. "Oh. Well it's one of the new ones for Canada day." Okay, we have 3 new menu items for Canada day. We have a red velvet muffin, dutchie donut, and nanamo donut. "Oh. It's one of those... Um. It's like a red thing." A red velvet muffin? "NO! It has sprinkles!" So a vanilla dip donut? "NO! ITS BROWN!" The Nanamo donut? "NO! Never mind then! Forget it! Ugh!" [Actual Conversation]
  22. 22.
    When customers don't specify what they want done with their food as they order, so they yell at you like it's Subway when they stare at you while making the food.
    If you want it cut, tell them when you order. No tomatoes? Tell them when you order. You want it double toasted with half mayo half ranch but extra bacon but no tomatoes but add cucumber, salt and pepper? TELL THEM WHEN YOU ORDER! Don't shout it over the counter at me! Yesterday some guy yelled at me to not cut his bagel and I jumped! I had a sharp knife by my hand and you decide to yell at me? NO!
  23. 23.
    When a customer yells over the food counter to not do something to what you are currently making, but it's not even their food.
    Like STAY IN YOUR LANE BOY! I have the order on my screen, and if you actually told the person taking your order what you wanted done, they would put it in so you don't look like a dumbass when I tell you this isn't your food and yours is actually 6 orders later since WE ARE IN THE LUNCH RUSH!
  24. 24.
    When people don't listen to you basically yelling as you put food on the counter.
    They either ask you "is this mine?" Like idk, what did you order? Maybe listen to what I'm saying because I'm not yelling about your sandwich for no reason.
  25. 25.
    When people don't listen to what you are saying and then take the wrong order.
    The best part? THEY COME BACK TO TELL US WE GAVE THEM THE WRONG ORDER. Like no bitch! you didn't use Gods gift of hearing, so you took the wrong order.
  26. 26.
    Those customers that stand at Sandwich station during a rush to get free food.
    There are people who just stand there, hear what they want to eat, and then just take it! Like how cheap are you?!!! If you are poor af, starving, and need food, LET ME KNOW! I'll buy you something! Don't take it from someone who paid! If you're doing it to just be an asshole? GO HOME YOU ASSHOLE! (Most of the time, the culprits are the stupid kids from the high school down the street)
  27. 27.
    When customers just don't listen to you, but then yell at you if you get the wrong thing
    Like use your ears or use your eyes on the drive thru screen
  28. 28.
    Having to wear drive thru headsets
    They either are too loose and fall off your head, or too tight and hurts your ears. They are either to quiet and you can't hear, or they are too loud and hurt your ears... Moral of the story? THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN.
  29. 29.
    The Drive Thru is a literal sauna
    Like the tiny space, with lots of equipment radiating heat, and only one window... It heads hella hot even with fans.
  30. 30.
    You're tempted to eat all the bad unhealthy foods
    Like donuts, cookies, muffins, bagels, croissants... You name it. And like I am often temped after work (aka in the mood rn because 🔴)
  31. 31.
    When the customers interrupt you while you're trying to take their order
  32. 32.
    You can't stay hydrated since you can never leave the floor
    Like I need more water while at work.
  33. 33.
    The staff bathroom being your safe space
    It's the only place you can't hear any commotion outside and the only place you can actually take a breath. I've just been chilling there a lot lately since it's been V stressful.
  34. 34.
    People who get 4x4s or 6x6s
    4x4 = 4 cream, 4 sugar. 6x6 = 6 cream, 6 sugar... Like do you even like coffee? Why do you want to poison your body? Just get something else! Maybe a mocha (half hot chocolate, half coffee) it has like a very little coffee taste.
  35. 35.
    When customers order while on their phones the whole time.
    There is a human here that needs some sort of interaction to not be yelled at by the higher ups. It's also just so rude to ignore the person taking your money and in return giving you food.
  36. 36.
    Customers who try to grab your hands
    While giving you money, taking their change, or taking whatever they ordered, they always grab your hands! Like please don't touch me more than necessary. I don't know where you put that hand, and now I need to wash my hands again for the 50th time in 10 minutes.
  37. 37.
    The know-it-all's
    Customers, co-workers - you name it, we got it! Half the time it's the customers who love to correct you on things! It's not like we work here or anything....
  38. 38.
    When customers yell at you in general
    Always for the stupidest shit, honest mistakes, or them just being plain dumb and not wanting to admit it so they just yell at you. Even when you are doing your job correctly and clearly busy working on someone's orders, they just come over and start yelling at you.
  39. 39.
    When customers don't realize they aren't the only people in the world
    You run into so many narcissists while working in customer service. If we don't have the things they want in stock, it's our fault because we know they want it, therefore we should have it.
  40. 40.
    When customers mumble their order
  41. 41.
    When customers mumble their order and then get so mad when you got their order wrong
    Despite an order screen being in front of them that they "forgot" (aka ignored) many times.
  42. 42.
    When customers love to tell you their life stories as you make their order
    TBH I don't get paid enough to have to listen about your shitty day because you went to the festival and saw a play that was shitty.
  43. 43.
    When my co workers complain that I pee too much
    I drink 1000ml of water before work, and 1000ml during work + I have a small bladder + I am constantly leaning over something that is pressing on my bladder because I am short = I NEED TO PEE A LOT! I'm not going to hold it in to risk a UTI or risk having an accident... I feel like that's more inappropriate than using the washroom ever 1hr - 2hrs.
  44. 44.
    When coworkers always want to attack you for something
    We are all in this together! We all work this shitty job together! We shouldn't be fighting over stupid shit, we should be all hating the stupid customers... TOGETHER.
  45. 45.
    Having some of the best coworkers make you stay working in customer service
    I have a few coworkers that make the time go by quicker and the job much more easier (or less stressful)
  46. 46.
    Being told that I'll make a great housewife someday.
    Nothing wrong if that is your goal, but please don't tell me that at 5:45AM as I'm mopping up a spill you made out front on the floor. And please don't assume when I say "Nah, I'm going to be working" that means that I'll be working as a housewife. I 👏🏻AM 👏🏻GOING 👏🏻TO 👏🏻BE 👏🏻A 👏🏻BADASS 👏🏻MOTHERFUCKING 👏🏻PARALEGAL OLD MAN! This is working to me. This is my goal! I want to make money to help provide for my family, not spend time cleaning and making the hubby dinner.
  47. 47.
    Customers ultimately complain about EVERYTHING!
    Today, the drive thru card machine went down so we told customers when they got to the ordering box that it was down. They responded "OMG REALLY?!" Or "You guys should have a sign! This is ridiculous!" (Just because they couldn't pay with debit...) BUT when we got a sign (with the message on both sides in big letters), people still complained. "No that's not okay! Why didn't you tell me before!" - Not my fault you can't fucking read! Shows you they totally ignore us and always want to complain!
  48. 48.
    When customers don't know what the fuck their made up ordering lingo means.
    Them: "I'd like a medium 1 and a half, 1 and a half." Me: of what? Cream & milk? Them: "Sure I don't know." Me: Cream & sugar? Milk & sugar? Sweetener & Cream? Milk & sweetener? Me (in my head): I kind of need something more than just fractions dumbass.
  49. 49.
    When people create their own names for the product we sell.
    "Can I get the Naomi donut?" The Nanamo? "Yeah! The Naomi" .... What? Lol it's not someone's name, it's an actual desert name.
  50. 50.
    The customers who give creepy smiles
    They just have creepy vibes all around... It makes me not want to wear a name tag.
  51. 51.
    When you're forced to wear a name tag, despite people being stalked before on social media or followed home from work.
    There has been a few incidences where customers have looked up our workers on Facebook and started talking to them (asking them out and such) to incidences where my coworkers have actually been stalked and followed home from work by customers.
  52. 52.
    Being told we have to wear name tags to get on a personal level with the customers
    But we don't know their name, so it's pointless... There is no personal level.
  53. 53.
    Being screamed at for not getting drive thru times
    We are getting yelled at on the daily for not being fast enough & getting times. There is a letter left on the staff bathroom door explaining we didn't get times (under 25 seconds weekdays, 30 secs weekends) for 3 months now. I don't get paid enough when times is often always on the slow customers. A coworker said if the assistant manager, head manager, and the store owner did drive thru by themselves (as many of us do on 3 people) they wouldn't get times either and would have many complaints.
  54. 54.
    When a supervisor hovers over you while doing your part in drive thru, then scolds you like a child if you do something wrong
    Today I was scolded for pouring the milk for the latté too fast, but I wanted the supervisor to stop telling me to pour "low and slow" and stop hovering over me like a pet bird. She literally yelled at me! She said "no feel it! It's too light! Now they are going to complain that it's too light because you have to pour low and slow" and another co worker joined in and was like "yeah they complain a lot" LIKE IDGAF you've been over my shoulder for 3 hrs now, telling me to go faster. Like fuck off!
  55. 55.
    Always burning yourself on things but having to work through all the pain
    Coffee, soups, eggs, toasters, panini presses, burners, tea water - if it's hot, it's been on my skin & burned me.
  56. 56.
    Getting yelled at by customers for flipping the amounts of cream v.s. sugar in their coffee
    Yesterday a guy asked for 2 cream & 6 sugars in his coffee. I heard the numbers wrong and asked "Sorry, did you say 6 cream & 2 sugar?" He replied with a disgusted "NO!" And corrected me. AS IF 2 CREAM AND 6 SUGAR IS NOT DISGUSTING!
  57. 57.
    If you get more than 3 creams and 3 sugars in your coffee, you actually don't like coffee
    Stop lying to yourself/jumping on the trend of coffee lovers. There are so many different drinks out there that you'd like much more than your disgusting sugary cream with a hint of coffee. Because Cream and Sugar with a drop of Coffee is not you loving Coffee, it's you loving Cream/Sugar.
  58. 58.
    When you're calling up the next person in line and some random person from the middle or end of the line come up instead
    Like sweetie, there is a line for a reason. Just because they didn't hear me (I'm very quiet so it's understandable) after 3 times, you help them out by poking their shoulder and letting them know. YOU DON'T IT GET OUT OF LINE AND COME ORDER.
  59. 59.
    When customers give the wrong change and try to run away
    Like no thanks sweetie! This isn't coming out of my tips!
  60. 60.
    When you think a customer is going to be easy to deal with, but they're actually satan
  61. 61.
    When customers complain over the stupidest things
    You gave them 4 timbits of chocolate instead of 3? They complain. You give them a large coffee instead of a medium? They complain. YOU DIDN'T PAY FOR THE UPGRADE HONEY! JUST TAKE IT.
  62. 62.
    When your life ends up consisting of going to bed early, waking up early, and falling asleep while hanging out at night with your friends
    I go to bed at 8 pm, wake up at 4 am, and always fall asleep on my friends couch while watching movies.
  63. 63.
    When customers think you HAVE to cater to their needs...
    Today, while in drive thru, a customer tried to use tap on the pin pad machine twice, both times his hard declined (picture me holding the pin pad an arms length out the window the whole time). So I stated that it was declined, said he's going to have to actually take the machine and pay by inserting the card chip. He says to me "I didn't want to touch it. I don't like touching those things." In a straight face I said "OK." And gave it to him anyways. YOU NEED TO PAY! GET OVER YOURSELF!
  64. 64.
    When customers don't even know the name of the items they ordered.
    Today I was on sandwich station and I made a Bacon BELT on an Everything Bagel. I yell this over the counter. 5 minutes later, a girl comes up and points to the sandwich. I state what it is, and she looks at me like I'm fucking dumb. I say the name again, and she asks me "Is this a number 11?" I then replied, "I don't know the numbers. If a number 11 is a Bacon BELT on an everything, SURE." And then she asked if it was an Everything Bagel, so I just said "Yes" to get rid of her.
  65. 65.
    Working 8-4, 9-5, 11-7 shifts.
    I would totally be okay with working any of these shifts in an actual professional working environment, BUT in a customer service environment you want to die. You wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, and do it all again in the morning. IT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT WHILE WORKING WITH CRAZY ASS CAFFEINATED CUSTOMERS.
  66. 66.
    When customers don't understand that were not going to risk someones life just to put peanut butter on their bagel because they are too lazy to do it themselves.
    It's a policy at my location that we can't put PB on bagels for allergy reasons (rightfully so) and CUSTOMER FLIP SHIT when we tell them this!! "Why can't you do it" ma'am for allergic reasons "other places do it! Why can't you" ma'am we are not allowed (go somewhere else then? Stop being lazy you selfish asshole) sorry.
  67. 67.
    I really love making Dogs/Puppies happy by giving them plain timbits
    We give them out for free in drive thru and I always love seeing the dogs and making them happy! Their owner could be a bitch, but I'm only still smiling because of their pup eating the timbit I gave them!
  68. 68.
    Being over worked in your position and still being yelled at for not being fast enough while you're doing everything by yourself
    I literally want to kill myself rn. No joke. Like this is no how you treat workers, nor is this humane. I feel like a fucking donkey rn.
  69. 69.
    If you're going to order 6 different sandwiches and 6 different drinks through the drive thru, you need to come inside and order.
    If you have more than 4 coffees, come inside. If you want to order a shit ton of food, come inside. We get yelled at because of stupid ass customers ordering everything on the menu through drive thru, and then complain about how long it takes! - then the people behind them are complaining about how long it's taking and it's just a chain of people yelling at us.
  70. 70.
    Unpredictable shifts
    One week I have 5 shifts all 8hrs long, the next I have 4 shifts about 3hrs-5hrs long each, to having 6 shifts in a row all 8hrs with Sunday off. Like ??? I NEED TO HAVE FORMAT IN MY LIFE. I NEED TO HAVE A SCHEDULE SO I CAN PLAN MY LIFE AROUND IT. Oh wait, I don't have a life because all I do is work.
  71. 71.
    When customers don't pull up close to the window
    so you have to like jump out the window basically to take their money and give them their stuff.
  72. 72.
    Having to go out and sweep up all of the cigarette butts
    Like how about we don't litter? Or use the provided "garbages" for them? You know what's even better? GET A CIGARETTE DISH FOR YOUR CAR AND DISPOSE OF THEM AT HOME! People literally have to go out with a broom and sweep up every single cigarette butt out of the drive thru and parking lot because you decided to throw them everywhere.
  73. 73.
    When people call me "Ma'am"
    90% of the time I am half their age, or just younger than them in general. I don't need some uptight old lady calling me ma'am. I also don't need old men calling me ma'am because I am not even close to a ma'am. I am a miss. I'll be a miss for a while.
  74. 74.
    Unreliable schedule postings
    Like I need to know these things! Our schedules are supposed to be out 2 weeks in advance- we are getting them 3 DAYS IN ADVANCE. Like wtf?!