Pictures, Quotes, Random Ass Shit I Can Relate To.
  1. I love my book collection more than anything.
    It's like a movie you get to cast, plan, and create in your head!
  2. I love the rain!
    I just hate when I have to walk to class in the pouring rain, almost getting hit by cars, and arriving to a class that is 3 hours long while soaked, everything in your bag is ruined, and your phone is damaged.
  3. Friends!
    This show is something I could watch for hours on end and still laugh like crazy as if I was watching it for the first time.
  4. Driving
    I don't mind it, but picture driving around with your lover & best friend enjoying the ride and just looking at them and loving life.
  5. I don't believe in true love.
    Kinda crazy being a hopeless romantic who doesn't believe in true love. But it happens.
  6. I've been alone for so long.
    I've grown accustomed to it, and I tend to screw up any possible relationship that comes my way.
  7. Every pretty thing attracts me.
    I fall too fast and too hard if I fall at all.
  8. I really love the movie 'Titanic'
    despite this picture, SPOILER ALERT: Rose Lets Go WAYY TOO MANY DAMN TIMES! (This movie also really had my love for young Leonardo DiCaprio surface so hard and now I'm obsessed)
  9. Static
    Self explanatory really...
  10. Static
    I just really hate people 💁🏼
  11. Chocolate Milk
    I like chocolate milk.
  12. "Steph is a Veg...table"
    Said a friend (Madison) meaning I'm a vegetarian lol