Wisdom. By which I try to live my life. Much is adapted from the ideas of others, thinkers and writers and friends who are further along the path than me. With gratitude.
  1. My base of morality and values is a concern for the well-being of all living things.
  2. BIG VISION is essential to channeling my energy.
  3. We determine meaning with intention. We don't find it outside ourselves.
  4. Keep discerning the truth about myself and others.
  5. Stay in bounds.
  6. Relinquish claims to exclusive truth.
  7. Live with paradox.
  8. Embrace silence and solitude.
  9. Give up being important.
  10. Flow. Have fun and laugh.
  11. Be loving.
  12. Live by my personal code of virtues unilaterally, no matter what others do.
  13. Say what I need.
  14. No fixing, no saving, no advising, no setting each other straight.
  15. Don't yell at or threaten other people and don't let them do that to me.
  16. Listen more, speak less.
  17. Pay attention to when imperfect trends toward insufficient.
  18. Change smoothly.
  19. Stay in bounds. Say only what is well-intended, true, beneficial, timely, expressed without harshness or malice, and—ideally—what is wanted.