Good clean fun
  1. I set my birthday to 1 April on Facebook a couple years ago
  2. My birthday isn't 1 April but in early January, right after the holidays.
    Having a birthday right after new year's day means no birthday parties and very few presents.
  3. The few friends and family that remember my real birthday send nice comments and birthday wishes in January. It's sweet.
  4. But today I get a crazy amount of birthday wishes and an overwhelming amount of compliments.
    It's like a real birthday but better because it's spring! Plus there hasn't been huge celebrations for awhile so people have well wishes aplenty needing a home.
  5. Someone, who remembered my real birthday, always spills the beans that today isn't the real birthday.
    But because Facebook says it is so, nobody cares!
  6. Happy birthday me!
    And happy April Fool's to you all!