1. Morgan
    Most frequent and deepest. Talk about ideas, business, moving forward.
  2. Chase
    Frequent, but not often deep. Jokes. Talk some about ideas, but have yet to start real projects.
  3. Blake
    Infrequent, but deep. Social media shares. Don't discuss ideas much. Updates in life.
  4. Vinnie
    Frequent. Becoming deeper. Stories. Talk about ideas. Now about film project.
  5. Brandon Hunsaker
    Deep, infrequent. Mostly talk about ideas
  6. Doug
    Some times deep, but no longer frequent
  7. Hyrum
    Infrequent, semi deep
  8. Dad
    Some times deep, but infrequent
  9. Mom
    Same as Dad. Maybe a little less deep.
  10. Erik
    Frequent, but more light hearted. Or just business.
  11. Amy J.
    Infrequent, mostly only with Morgan. Semi deep
  12. Amy N.
    Infrequent, only with Chase, light
  13. Michelle
    Infrequent, mostly only in groups
  14. Derek
    Frequent and light
  15. Dalan
    Frequent and light. Jokes
  16. Braden
    Same as Dalan
  17. Zach
    Light, jokes, frequent
  18. Trevor
    Mostly jokes
  19. Austin
    Frequent but very light until just recently
  20. Shane, Calix, Jason, Mike, and the rest of the warehouse
    Mostly just hellos and acknowledgments. Infrequent light conversation
  21. Adrienne
    Infrequent, deeper, but in group settings
  22. Sara
    Semi frequent, light. Used to be deeper.
  23. Ward members
    Light conversations and hellos. Some frequent. Some infrequent.