Thoughts I Have While Riding The NYC Subway

Every. Single. Day.
  1. I hope my train comes soon ... I think I see it coming!
  2. Oh, it's a local.
  3. Wait, now it's definitely coming!
  4. Oh, that's the B train.
  5. Yes, finally! Oh no, not...
  6. Why is this person moseying into the train car? What do they see that I don't?
  7. Do they think it's an extension of their red bus tour?
    "To your left you'll see an unidentified seat stain, and on your right an impotence poster from 2013."
  8. And now the only seat left has the unidentified stain, and someone's hogging the pole. What a rat.
  9. I wonder if they'll move if I wedge my hand under their back.
  10. Oh, are my knuckles annoying you? Good.
  11. Are they ... Rolling their back over my knuckles? They like it. They like having my hand on their back.
  12. It's karma. I knew I should've listened to that Jews for Jesus solicitor.
  13. Fine, it's my stop so you win ... Until tomorrow.