I do love a good list <3
  1. I'm Michael.
    I had serious plans as a kid to change my name to Kevin or Jeremy. You know, 'cause I'd instantly be cooler. (There's a reason you can't make decisions like that until a certain age.)
  2. In December 2016, I'll be graduating with a master's degree in social work.
    The most valuable thing I've learned is awareness of my privilege as a white male.
  3. My goal is to be a therapist.
    And that's about as much as I know so far. I've learned a lot in practicum this summer about substance use and addiction.
  4. I'm gay. And many other things.
    I find the word "faggoty" ridiculously amazing. (Ex. If you only knew the half of my faggoty ways.)
  5. One of my love languages is books.
    You know we're tight when I start recommending books. My favorite? "Tiny, Beautiful Things" by Cheryl Strayed. All the feels.
  6. I'm working on being present and kind to myself.
    Both are challenging but so important.
  7. Each of us needs all the hope and love we can find.
    So add a moment of goodness to the world. I'm putting some out there for you <3