Written by a bride who has just been there.
  1. Waking Up
    You expect to be excited, and instead you just feel stressed. You have your first cry, almost immediately, mixed with happiness and overwhelming feelings.
  2. Getting Ready
    Everyone in the wedding party starts to arrive. You say goodbye to your (almost) spouse for a few hours until you're dressed and ready. You cry again. People keep asking if you're excited, and you keep asking your wedding coordinator if everything is going alright. They say yes - whether it's the truth is irrelevant.
  3. First Look
    At this moment, you are SO GLAD you chose to do first look and photos before the ceremony... Because, well, reality has set in and you're suddenly terrified. Seeing your (almost) spouse is the most relieving thing in the world. You cry, again, but finally feel like you can take a breath and smile. And you do. You smile so big in every picture because you feel excitement for the first time today!
  4. The Ceremony
    No one remembers this part - probably because you are nervous as hell. Don't let anyone tell you different - every person is terrified shitless at some point before they get married. It's a big decision! Ironically, this is the one moment you don't cry.
  5. The Reception
    It's done! Oh my god! Now you can drink... And try to talk to as many people as possible, while still feeling some guilt that you didn't get to chat as long as you would have liked. It's easy to forget to eat. Also, it's weird to have everyone watch you dance. It just is.
  6. The Wedding Night
    You're suddenly in a quiet room, with no one asking you questions. It's almost uncomfortable. And it's going to take you a few weeks to calm down from it. But, you did it!
  7. Three Weeks Later
    You're married! And it finally feels more normal. You might still cry while looking at photos, but it's finally a happy cry. You're glad you've got your spouse. :-)