1. O Dad, Where Art Thou?
  2. A Dad With A View
  3. Y Tú Dada Tambien
  4. Four Dads And A Funeral
  5. When Harry Met Dad
  6. 10 Things I Hate About Dad
  7. Permanent Dad
    ***Actually my own dad!
  8. The Dad With A Dragon Tattoo
  9. A Dad Without a Cause
  10. I Know What Dad Did Last Summer
  11. I Still Know What Dad Did Last Summer
  12. There's Something About Dad
  13. Dad, Where's My Car?
  14. A Dad Named Desire
  15. The Dad Who Came In From The Cold
  16. Flirting With Dads
  17. A Dad Walks Home Alone At Night
  18. Short Term Dad
  19. No Country For Old Dads