1. 3 cartons of eggs that expired in January, March, and April respectively
    Clearly my roommates and I hate eggs, why do we keep buying them?
  2. Various expired lettuces
    Mâché, arugula, kale, spinach
  3. 6 cartons of blue bottle iced coffee
    Kindly given to me as a gift for my birthday in March. I managed to drink none of them.
  4. A plastic container with 6 olives and 10 olive pits
    Somebody knows how to ensure no one will nick an olive...
  5. A baggie of shriveled beets
    No one needs to see a shriveled beet.
  6. Hamburger buns
    I couldn't even tell you the last time I ate a burger. 2013?
  7. A casserole dish of pulled pork
    My roommate brought this dish of leftovers from her parents home. It has been in our fridge untouched since February. I am fairly certain there is an entire new ecosystem in there.
  8. 2 empty Tupperware containers
    The food was finished, the container was out back in the fridge. I live with savages.
  9. An empty Whole Foods wrapper I can only assume once contained a selection of cured meats