A futile attempt to plan purpose into my life. Can be done in no particular order
  1. Visit every continent
  2. Learn how to do a backflip
  3. Have a yoga/Zumba instructor phase
  4. Help re-charter APO at the University of Houston
  5. Run for elected office
  6. Become fluent in Spanish
  7. Learn how to be a morning person
    It's good to dream big
  8. Have an improv/stand up comedian phase
  9. Write and perform more spoken word
  10. Learn to play guitar
  11. Coach/referee club soccer
  12. Have a certified mediator phase
    I mean shit, I'm already certified
  13. Crossfit phase
  14. Teach community center classes
    Like creative writing, public speaking, soccer, swimming, etc.
  15. Work on political campaign
  16. Law school phase
  17. Church stuff
    Because it reminds me I have a soul