1. Kelvin
    My best friend. Love you Kelv
  2. Kira
    You're my sister! I love you!
  3. Brad
    Brad you are always there for me
  4. Chad
    CHAAAAAADDDD!! (said in the voice)
  5. Randy
    Rand I hope this #5 / Comes as a pleasant surprise / You're a great friend / We'll be friends to the end (Love rappin with you bro)
  6. Matt
    You always make me laugh dude, just remember you don't always have to be "on" - love you like a brother no matter what
  7. Nikki
    So smart and insightful, you rule Nik
  8. Lee
    Def coulda been top 5 if you hadn't missed Kira's baby shower, which as you might remember I planned for months!!! Jk I know you had a big case in Milwaukee that day
  9. Ted
    Tedzo what up - miss you since you moved to Dallas - we gotta talk on the phone more
  10. Jennifer
    Jen you're too much!
  11. Marty
    Hahaha remember that night
  12. Stefanie
    Still friends with my kindergarten girlfriend 22 years later! Stef you the best
  13. Ellie
    Ellie I know you're only 8 months old and can't read this but just want you to know that you've been a great niece so far and I think once you start talking you will quickly climb this list. Be nice to Kira!
  14. Izzy
    Costa Rica!!!
  15. Bri
    I often have no idea what you're saying and have no idea what you do all day but I know you are some kind of bizarre genius and I love spending time with you
  16. Katrina
    Brunch pal
  17. Leo
    Brunch pal 2
  18. Chris
    Very happy things are going so well w you and Kira, been great spending time w you
  19. Cal
    Cal I gotta say I don't have many "work friends" but you are the main exception. See you bright and early tomorrow ughh
  20. Juan
    J you are either my #1 acquaintance or my #20 friend
  21. Anesha
    Since you started dating Dirk it feels like you've forgotten I exist - call me sometime!
  22. Evan
    I'm glad you and Kira are patching things up...still pretty bummed about what happened with you two but I know this stuff is complicated
  23. Dario
    You could stand to drink a little less
  24. Kyle
    Sooooooo flaky - it's like what else are you doing
  25. Crista
    Cris admit you stole my headphones
  26. Theo
    I don't even know what to say
  27. Vanessa
    Thanks for breaking my heart have a great life with Theo!