If I threw my laptop down the stairs it would probably be an improvement on how it works now.
  1. As a freshman in college, I spent about $500 of my graduation money on a new Dell laptop
  2. My dad helped me research to find the best deal.
    He also convinced me to get the one with the big screen so I could watch movies.
  3. I liked for the first year.
    I lived at home and never had to bring it anywhere.
  4. I was dumb and changed my password, locking myself out
    The dell customer service was really helpful, it took awhile but I didn't spend 90% of the time in hold
  5. My hatred for my laptop started sophomore year when I had to carry my laptop with me to classes
    I transferred to a different college and no longer lived at home.
  6. It turns out: bigger screen= bigger laptop= a lot heavier
    Giphy downsized medium
    I could barely fit it in my backpack, especially if I had my textbooks in there.
  7. When I would work on it for a long period of time it would get hot then freeze or turn off.
    It did this a lot when I was making my sister's graduation slide show or downloading music onto itunes
  8. I am on my 3rd battery and 3rd charger.
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    My current battery only lasts about 5 minutes if it is not plugged in l.
  9. It has a complicated relationship with the internet.
    Most of the time it has to be hooked up with the ethernet cable.
  10. Now the internet doesn't want to work at all.
  11. I need a new laptop
    I'm thinking maybe a Google Chromebook since that's what the schools in my district are using (along with macs but I don't want a mac)
  12. Does anyone know what chromebooks are the best?
    Without breaking the bank?