I have one of those weird families where we have more fun giving nasty gifts then nice gifts to each other.
  1. "Rotten" Easter eggs (to him)
    It started when my sister and I decided to see what an Easter egg would look like if we dipped it in every color. It looks like a rotten egg. At the time he live in Colorado so we'd take a picture with the egg and send it to him.
  2. Nuts and Bolts (to my sister and Me)
    When the moved back to Minnesota the bought a house in the neighborhood next to ours so we went trick or treating to their house. Instead of candy he gave us nuts and bolts. Thankfully my aunt is nice and always gave us lots candy.
  3. Fart machine (to him)
    It was remote controlled. My cousins and I had the remote and the package was next to him. My other uncle tore apart the chair he was sitting on looking for a woopie cushion.
  4. Dinosaur egg (to us)
    He tried to top our rotten eggs
  5. A bunch of old socks (to us then back to him)
    Another trick or treat gift. We collected more from friends and family and gave them back to him for Christmas.
  6. Butt face towel (to him)
    We wanted to make sure he didn't get confused
  7. Thanksgiving dinner in soda form (to him)
    So gross. Flavored pop such as turkey and gravy and more.
  8. A box of everything he hates and more (to him)
    Pumpkin, squash, yams. Also included was a hard hat with a light (which he actually used)
  9. Napsack (to us)
    A bag that you put on your head to take naps in public. Inside was actually pajamas.
  10. Ear wax candle kit
    By far the grossest one. He also gave me an "ear wax" candle for my birthday. Inside the boxes were zebra onesies.
  11. Weather Rope (to him)
    He still has this one
  12. Fire Rock (to him)
    The top said "Turn over in case of fire." The bottom said "not now stupid! In case of fire!"
  13. Batteries, gift not included. (To him)
    The batteries were dead
  14. Extreme jigsaw puzzle (to him)
    Just saw dust in a Ziplock bag.
  15. Make your own Janga (to me)
    This was in response to the jigsaw puzzle. It was a 2x4 with directions on how to cut it into pieces.
  16. Wind chime (to him)
    Made with golf balls, beer cans and golf tees
  17. This Christmas I'm making a bird feeder out of a plunger.