Finding a job is hard
  1. I've been working as a substitute teacher for 2 years.
    Throughout this time I have been applying to any open elementary or preschool position posted.
  2. I had a hard time even getting a phone call for an interview
  3. When I did get one here and there I felt like I did well but I wasn't getting hired
    Several schools never called me back after the interview.
  4. Last week I had an interview that I thought went well
    They said they'd call me by Tuesday this week.
  5. Tuesday I got a call from a different school for another interview
    I figured I hadn't heard from the last school so I said yes.
  6. Yesterday (the day of the interview) I got a phone call from the first school offering me the job.
    I wanted it so I said yes
  7. I decided to still go to the interview.
    I figured I can use the interview practice since the job is only goes to the end of the school year.
  8. I didn't put much it effort into the interview.
  9. Today I got a phone call offering me the job.
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  10. It just figures that after 2 years of hunting for the job I get two offers in two days.
  11. Long story short: I finally have a job!
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