Musicals I can't get enough of

I'm sure I'll think of more
  1. The Sound of Music
    The beginning of my obsession with these movies. I saw it live at the Chanhassen dinner theater a when I was in middle school. It is also one of the only live remakes I liked. Carrie Underwood was no Julie Andrews but she did well.
  2. The Phantom of the Opera
    This one started in 8th grade. Plus Emmy Rossum 🙌👌(if you haven't watched her in Shameless you're missing out). I saw this one in person but I really want to see it on Broadway someday.
  3. Mama Mia
    This was a fun one to see live. I love the movie. When the movie first came out I played the album over and over.
  4. Les Misérables
    Two words: Eddie Redmayne. Plus everyone else. Another soundtrack played on repeat. I want to see this one on stage at some point.